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Instruction: Ilya Gefter

Sundays 18.00 - 22.00 // July 9 -  August 27 // 8 sessions
Interpretation of Master-paintings in drawing and color

Great artists of the past are our mentors with invaluable lessons to teach us at any stage of our growth. We only need to look hard enough to discover the professional secrets contained within artworks of the masters. In this new workshop we will gain a wide knowledge and deep inspiration from a single Masterpiece. Students will select a master-work from options provided. We will make interpretative studies of the chosen artwork in drawing, monochrome and in color. Each day, our sketches will take us deeper and deeper into the secrets of pictorial construction.
The workshop is suitable for all levels.

Themes to be covered:

Secrets of linear, tonal and chromatic composition.

Composition as a source of harmony

Composition as a source of expression


Teaching methods:

Lectures on history, techniques and compositions of the masterworks

Painting demos

Guided drawing and painting practice

Group discussions


Drawing materials, oil colors or acrylics
Full materials list will be sent upon registration.

1,900 ILS

Anatomy of a Masterpiece

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