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Mondays 10.00 - 14.00
07.10.2024 - 16.06.2025


Composition is the very core of all visual arts. This course offers the most thorough and methodical teaching available on the subject. We will learn the principles of orchestrating line, tone, and color on canvas. Participants will gain both the deep theoretical knowledge and the sensitivity for intuitive practice. 
The secrets of composition unveiled in the course will offer a new vision of painting and all other visual disciplines.


What you'll learn:
Secrets of composition
What makes a painting "work"
Methods of rearranging reality in painting
How to create harmony and balance
How to convey dynamism and expression

Weekly lectures 
Guided practice
Analyzing and sketching masterworks
Painting from still life arrangements, the figure and the portrait Figuration and abstraction

Composition / Instruction: Ilya Gefter

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