Advanced Painting Course
Mondays 18.00 - 22.00
04.10.2021 - 13.06.2022


Composition is the very core of all visual arts. Composition is the magic that amplifies the visual power of any skill-level. While the term "composition" is so common, it is very rare to hear explanations of how composition works. This advanced painting course will thoroughly explain the principles of composition and will teach diverse methods of arranging line, tone, and color on canvas.

The course is based on a series of lectures, painting demonstrations and guided practice. Participants will gain both the deetheoretical knowledge and the sensitivity for intuitive practice. Painting projects will include still life, portraits, work from photographic images and abstraction. In addition to weekly classes the group will meet for a museum visit.

Within the framework of the course advanced students will be able to paint individual compositions of their own based on reference of personal choice.


Fee: 6,500 ILS
300 shekel discount for early registration by 15.08.2021

Discount Code: Paint22

Composition / with Ilya Gefter