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Following the success of the recent ink painting workshop, we are offering an additional one -day seminar on the art of Ink. The seminar will provide the essential theory and technical foundation of painting with ink. New students are invited for a brief yet thorough and transformative discovery of the medium. The seminar offers an opportunity for our student to hone the vision and skill of ink painting.

Seminar Program


Painting Demonstration

Painting from live model (or still life)

Individualized instruction




17.00 - 22.00


*Ink is a challenging material with a unique character: It is minimalist, unpredictable and irreversible. These exact properties make ink especially rewarding. Practice of ink-painting not only offers magical result but also teaches to be most effective with any other painting material. Ink painting teaches to express light. Ink painting teaches to clearly see what's most important and in the reality we look at. Ink teaches the abstract foundations of all visual arts.

Much of what I know about oils painting, I've learned from my experience with ink. I will be happy to share this experience in the upcoming seminar.


Ilya Gefter "Dancer"
Private Collection

INK PAINTING - One - Day Seminar

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