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Outdoor -paining is an irreplaceable transformative experience for every painting student. In this Landscape Workshop we will learn how to see and express the most essential qualities of atmosphere in a landscape.Special emphasis will be given to seeing, interpreting and responding to the colors of nature. Ilya will teach practical tools and methods of transforming the landscape into the language of shape and color.
Welcome to join us for this enriching painting experience!

The workshop includes:

Painting demonstrations and explanations
Thorough Individual guidance
Group discussions

Workshop Dates:

19.30 - 21.00
Preliminary lecture in Zoom

28.04, 29.04, 30.04, 01.05
9.00 - 14.30
Outdoor painting, demos and instruction


Workshop Location:

Henrich Heine Street, South Tel Aviv/Jaffa. Exact location will be sent upon registration


Workshop Fees:

4 days: 1250 Shekels
3 days: 1000 Shekels
2 days: 700 Shekels


*any registration option includes the preliminary zoom lecture
** We strongly advise to join for at least three days of the Workshop.
*** Minimum two days of participation

The Workshop is suitable for all painters and students with prior painting experience. Welcome to join us!

Landscape Workshop 2022 with Ilya Gefter

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