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Outdoor -paining is a transformative and irreplaceable experience for every painter.
Landscape, more than any other genre, teaches to see and paint a vast range of shapes, colors and conditions. Landscape teaches to distill its infinite information and to discover the essence of complex reality.

Our teaching of landscape painting focuses on developing the ability to paint anything and on nurturing the visual intelligence to paint only that which is most important.
The workshop is suitable for anyone with prior painting experience. Welcome to join us!

The workshop includes:
Painting demonstrations and explanations
Guided painting practice
Individual assistance
Group discussions

Workshop Dates:
01.06, 02.06, 03.06, 04.06
9.00 - 14.30


Workshop Location:

01.06 - Leumi Park Ramat Gan 

02.06 - Leumi Park Ramat Gan 

03.06 - Leumi Park Ramat Gan

04.06 - Park HaHorshot Tel Aviv 

* Exact location and materials list will be provided upon registration
** We advise to join for at least three days of the Workshop.
*** Minimum two days of participation

Landscape Workshop

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