Orchestration of Paint

Advanced Online Painting class (in Zoom)


Sundays 10.00-14.00

11.10.2020 – 27.06.2021


This advanced online painting course will explore composition and color as interrelated and mutually supporting principles of painting. Painting projects will include still life, interior, and interpretations of master-paintings. The course will allow each student to gradually develop their unique pictorial voice.


In addition to weekly classes in Zoom the group will meet for group critiques and museum visits. 


Class structure:

Each class will begin with painting demonstrations, explanations or brief lectures channeled in Zoom.

Preliminary explanations will be followed by painting time.

The progress of each student will be regularly reviewed via images sent by WhatsApp.

In addition to guidance during class-time, each student will receive additional weekly feedback to the painting projects.

Orchestration of Paint