Self Portrait Drawing: Crafting a likeness
Instruction: Ilya Gefter

Please read partecipation options below before choosing.

Sundays // July 5 – July 26 // 6pm - 10pm // 4 sessions
Available in the Studio and Online in Zoom


This intensive workshop will teach the strategies and techniques of drawing a self portrait with line and tone. We will study how to attain convincing likeness, how to express three-dimensionality and sense of light.  Methods of expressing an individual character and emotional content will be taught. Suitable for all levels. 

Registration options and fees:

Full studio participation: 1,100 ILS

Participation in Zoom:  800 ILS 
(This registration options gives full access to lectures, demos, work assignments on Zoom and feedback to your work by Whatsapp twice a week.) 

Audit in Zoom: 400 ILS
(This registration options gives full access to lectures, demos and work assignments by Zoom. No feedback) 

30% discount for registering to a second workshop in the Self-Portrait workshop series. (discount is on the cheaper of the two workshops)

Please call or message us to receive this discount: 053-7252342


Self Portrait Drawing Workshop / with Ilya Gefter