Self Portrait Workshop: Color of Inner Self

Instruction: Ilya Gefter

Language: Hebrew


4 video - lessons. Over 6 hours of instruction. 


This advanced self-portrait painting workshop will teach you about the vast possibilities of color as an expressive medium.  The instruction addresses the interrelated issues of observation, sound painting procedures and freedom of self expression. 


The workshop includes:


Lectures on portrait painting and color theory.

Painting demonstrations and thorough explanations about the methods of painting.

Principles of using tone, color and texture in self-portraiture.


Themes covered in the workshop: 


Uses of color in Modernist painting

Use of different tonal and chromatic keys

Composition in self-portrait painting.

Use of underpainting

Principles of tonal and chromatic emphasis. 

Exaggeration of observed color for expressive ends.

Use of brushwork and texture. 

Expressive significance of tone, color, and texture. 

Self Portrait 2: Color of Inner Self / with Ilya Gefter