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Personal Directions Course 2021-22

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Advanced Online Painting Course (Online Study + Studio meetings + Personal Feedback) “Personal Directions” is designed to help each participant discover a personal voice in the world of painting. The course focuses on the potential of painting as a means of expression and visual story-telling. The course is based on lectures and painting tasks leading each participants to a personal painting project. Course Themes: Advanced composition principles What can the language of painting express? Narrative in painting Techniques and strategies for long-term painting Strategies for using diverse references (observation, photos, images from art history) Suitable for advanced students and artists. Class structure: Each lesson begins with a lecture and explanations followed by painting time. The progress of each student is regularly reviewed via images sent by WhatsApp. In addition to guidance during class-time, each student receives one weekly feedback to the painting projects. Online lessons are combined with studio meetings and museum visits.

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