Registration Info, Fees, and Guidelines 

Welcome to our Art Adventure! 
Once you decided to join our journey, please read these guidelines to have any questions answered and to make it a pleasant road together!


Academic Year 2020-2021 


Period of Study:


From October 11 2020 until June 27 2021 excluding holidays and one-week mid-year vacation.

Each course is 35 sessions. Each session is 4 hours

Trial Lessons:


New students are invited to register for a trial month (4 lessons) with no commitment to the full course. 

Subject to availability of spaces. 




For info, registration and logistical questions, please contact our Administrator:

053-7252342 (Anna)


Registered students can get help with professional questions by phone or in a personal meeting with the instructor (meetings are to be scheduled a week in advance).

Instructor telephone hours: Tuesdays 13.00 – 17.00 
Meeting hours: Sundays and Mondays 14.15 -15.00 and 17.00- 17.45


2020-21 Weekly Courses:

6000 ILS per year (October 11 2020 - June 27 2021)

All prices include VAT





10% discount for 2nd course taken
20% discount for 3d course taken


10 Class Package:


The fee is 2200 ILS for 10 classes. (VAT included)

You may purchase the package at any moment provided that places are available.

You can join any of the weekly classes anytime during the year.

The package is for one year only.

The package is personal and not transferable.

It cannot be used for special workshops and seminars


Private Classes:


Private lessons and artwork critiques with Ilya Gefter are available by appointment. 

The lessons are conducted in the studio or online.

Lesson Fees:

Studio lessons: 300 shekels per hour + VAT

Online lessons: 230 shekels per hour + VAT

The lessons last between one hour to two hours.




You may cancel your participation in a course until February 1.

Please notify 1 month before the date you wish to stop attending.

We stop charging for participation 1 month after the cancellation notice and return the remaining funds.

No refunds or cancellations after February 1 or after 3 months of participation in a course.

Refunds are subject to 5% administrative fee. 



Missed classes:


Missed classes can be made up by attending additional classes in any of the courses.

Classes cannot be made up after cancellation of participation in a course.

Please make up your classes with a prior notice at least 1 day in advance.

You have to make up a class within 1 month of the lesson you missed.

Missed classes cannot be made up in special seminars, workshops or in the next academic year.

You cannot transfer missed classes to someone else.

You cannot convert missed classes into financial reimbursement.



Switching courses:


You can switch from one course to another at a beginning of each month if space are available.



Studio Ethics:


The studio is our temple for painting. Your temple.

No cell phones: Always keep your electronic devices on mute and do not speak on the phone in the studio.

Please be on time.

Explanations start at the beginning of each session and cannot be repeated.

Do not set up or pack your painting tools during teacher explanations. 

Please keep the studio as you found it.

Wash cups and dishes after use.

Clean up around your easel after class.

Return easels, tables and boards to their storage area after class.

Thank you!!! 



Welcome and enjoy painting with comfort and productivity!

Ilya Gefter