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Instruction: Ilya Gefter

Expressive self portrait painting
Mondays 18.15 – 22.00 // August 7 - August 28 // 4 sessions

In this advanced workshop we will explore colors and shapes as vehicles for pictorial construction and self expression. Using observation of self as a starting point, we will study modernist approaches to color as a medium for (self)expression.
Themes to be covered: 

Analysis of self-portrait paintings by modern masters 

Modernist color theory

Use of expanded palette. 

Expressive potential of brushwork and textures

Strategies for (self)expression


Workshop includes:


Painting and drawing demonstrations

Guided painting practice

Individual instruction

Group review


Prior painting experience is needed

1,200 ILS
2,000 ILS for two Self-Portrait workshops

Facing the Inner Self

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