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Instruction: Ilya Gefter

Mondays 18.15 – 22.00 // July 10 -  July 31 // 4 sessions
Traditional self portrait painting and drawing 

This self-portrait painting workshop will teach you the methods of attaining correct proportions, likeness, three-dimensionality, sense of light and naturalistic color. The workshop examines in detail the use of traditional limited palette and its relationship to observation.  
Themes to be covered:

Analysis of self-portrait paintings by great masters 

Setting up for self-portrait painting

Foundations of linear and tonal drawing as a preparation for work in color

Color theory for portrait painting

Use of a traditional limited palette of 4 and 5 colors. 

Construction of the portrait with color shapes. 

Strategies of progressing from broad shapes to facial detail.


Teaching methods:


Painting and drawing demonstrations

Guided practice

Individual instruction

Group review

Prior painting experience is needed

1,200 ILS
2,000 ILS for two Self-Portrait workshops

Facing the Self

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