The aim of this new online workshop is to develop the tools, strategies and sensitivity required to turn photographic sources into a living and breathing fabric of painting.
Photography has made every image accessible providing us with any reference at our disposal. The use of photographs allows us to base paintings on any subjects that are close to our hearts yet distant in time and space. In this workshop, we will discover how to use photographic references while maintaining the direct immediacy and liveliness in a final painting.

Participants will be provided with digital images to use in their painting projects. Everyone is encouraged to also use photos of their own choice.  


Teaching methods:

Each class will begin with a painting demonstrations, explanations or brief lectures in Zoom. Preliminary explanations will be followed by painting time. The progress of each student will be regularly reviewed via images sent by WhatsApp. In addition to guidance during class-time, each student will receive additional weekly feedback to the painting projects.

Themes to be covered:

Reduction of photographic source material to pictorial shapes
Methods of transferring visual references onto canvases
Transformation of snapshots to compositions
Creative re-arrangement and manipulation of visual source material
Color, brushwork and texture as personal expression

Workshop Dates:

Thursdays //  22.10, 29.10, 05.11, 12.11, 19.11, 26.11
18.00 - 21.30 // 6 sessions



Oil colors or Acrylics
Full materials list will be sent upon registration.

From Photo to Paint / Online Painting Workshop with Ilya Gefter