Go Figure
Dynamic drawing and painting of the figure
Instruction: Ilya Gefter

Mondays // 10.00 - 14.00 // July 6 – August 24 // 8 Sessions
Available in the Studio and Online in Zoom 

Intensive workshop devoted to sketching the human figure in motion, quick poses, and longer poses. We will learn diverse strategies of simplification and expression of the figure in drawing and paint. This dynamic workshop will inspire a major leap of participants' drawing and painting skills and will demystify the methods of representing the human figure. 

Workshop Will Include:
Drawing and Painting Demonstrations
Drawing and Painting Practice
Individual Instruction
Group Critique

Registration options:
Full studio participation: 1,800 ILS
Audit in Zoom: 700 ILS
(This registration options gives full access to lectures, demos and drawing assignments by Zoom. This option will not include access to a model or instructor's feedback) 


GO FIGURE Drawing and Painting Workshop / with Ilya Gefter