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Go Figure
Dynamic drawing of the figure
Instruction: Ilya Gefter

Language: Hebrew

This highly informative workshop teaches diverse practical procedures and techniques of expressing the human figure and gesture. 


8 online videos. Over 8 hours of instructions. 

The workshop includes:


  • Historical lectures
  • Analysis of methods of the masters
  • Material demonstrations
  • Drawing demonstrations
  • Methodical explanations of the techniques and procedures of drawing the figure


Themes covered in the workshop:


  • Drawing methods of great masters
  • Various approaches to drawing
  • Use of drawing materials
  • Use of our bodies in the drawing process
  • Expression of proportion, structure and gesture
  • The principle of "pentimenti" (changes in the drawing process)
  • Linear and tonal construction
  • Methods of developing a tonal drawing
  • Construction of 3-dimensionality
  • Stucture and quality of edges in a drawing
  • Quality and diversity of lines
  • Diversity of tones
  • Function and use of different drawing materials
  • Effective drawing procedures

GO FIGURE: Drawing Workshop with Ilya Gefter

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