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Outdoor -paining is a transformative and irreplaceable experience for every painter. Landscape, more than any other genre, allows to expand the range of creative possibilities for beginners and experienced artists alike, working in any style.

In the upcoming landscape workshop, we will focus on integrating attention to reality with looseness of brushwork and the magic of color.

The workshop is suitable for anyone with some prior painting experience. Welcome to join us!

The workshop includes:
Painting demonstrations
Guided painting practice
Personalized individual assistance
Group discussions

Workshop Dates:
24.04, 25.04, 26.04
9.00 - 14.00


Workshop Location:

Soreq Stream Estuary National Park (Palmahim)


Workshop Fees:

1000 Shekels

* Exact arrival details and materials list will be provided upon registration

Landscape Painting Workshop with Ilya Gefter

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