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Monochrome: Skill and Expression
Instruction: Ilya Gefter

Sundays 18.15 - 22.00
28.07 – 25.08 // 5 lessons

The most limited materials lead too most expressive and ingenious results. In this workshop we will examine the vast expressive potential of monochrome painting. When color is virtually absent from an artwork, other visual qualities can gain unique powers. We will focus on the vast expressive potential of the dramas and subtleties of tonal relationships, textures, paint layers and brushwork.

The workshop will enhance core painting skills, will nurture an expressionistic attitude to painting and will lay foundations for a more confident use of color.

Themes to be covered:

  • Expressive potential of tones
  • Paint layers and brushwork
  • Interrelation of tones and textures
  • Dynamism and expression


Teaching methods:

  • Lectures
  • Painting demos
  • Guided painting practice
  • Group reviews

Monochrome: Skill and Expression

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