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New Online Painting Workshop with Ilya Gefter 


Great artists of the past are our mentors with invaluable lessons to teach us at any stage of our growth. We only need to look hard enough to discover the professional secrets contained within artworks of the masters. One of the most valuable lessons great painters can teach us, is how to find our own individuality as painters.

In this new workshop we will gain knowledge and inspiration from a few compositions by the masters. The workshop will begin with guided painting studies based on art of the past. Each day, our sketches will take us deeper and deeper into the secrets of pictorial construction.
The second part of the workshop will be devoted to a creation of an original painting based on the visual ideas and secrets learned from the masterworks.

The workshop is suitable for all levels.


Teaching methods:

Each lesson will begin with a zoom lecture, explanations or painting demo. Lecture will be followed by painting time. The progress of each student will be regularly reviewed via images sent by WhatsApp. In addition to guidance during class-time, each student will receive one weekly feedback to the painting projects.


Themes to be covered:

Secrets of linear, tonal and chromatic composition.
Composition as a source of harmony
Composition as a source of expression
Giving visual form to personal ideas.

Workshop Dates:

Sundays 10.00 - 14.30
July 4 - August 29 // 8 sessions


Drawing materials, oil colors or acrylics
Full materials list will be sent upon registration.

1,350 ILS for 8 online sessions

100 shekel discount for students registered in any of our courses in 2020-21. 

Old Masters - New Visions: Zoom Workshop with Ilya Gefter

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