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Sensation of space is one of the most fundamental qualities in painting. This one-of-a kind workshop is devoted to a thorough and clear study of how space and atmosphere are expressed in the language of painting. The practical knowledge offered by this program is based on many years of research and experience. The methods you will learn are applicable to any style of painting and any subject matter.

Workshop program:

  • Linear perspective of the classical and modern painting:
  • 1-point, 2-point, 3- point, and 4-point perspectives 
  • Alternative methods of linear representation of space 
  • Tonal representation of space
  • Aerial perspective
  • Classical and modernist expression of space with color
  • Integration of linear, tonal and chromatic methods in space construction


Online Workshop Includes: 

  • 8 lessons
  • Lectures 
  • Lectre summaries 
  • Painting and drawing guidelines 
  • Bonus videos


Painted Space / with Ilya Gefter

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