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Sundays 10.00 - 14.00 // July 3 - August 21 // 8 sessions

Available in the Studio and Online

Every painting is a result of thought out decisions and chance occurrences. In this new experimental workshop we will explore the beauty of unpredictability.  We will examine how unpredictable behavior of materials can be initiated, and integrated into the painting process. We will explore the vast potential of oil paint and mixed media materials on large-scale canvases. We will discover the beauty of accidents and their inexhaustible potential to enrich our work.


Workshop includes:

  • Daily lectures or painting demos.
  • Overview or painting materials and methods
  • Painting practice and personalized feedback.
  • Group Discussion


Studio Participation: 1,850 ILS
Online Participation: 1,400 ILS
(This registration options gives full access to demos, lectures, and painting assignments by Zoom. Work progress will be reviewed weekly by WhatsApp and one personal meeting in the studio) 

Painting: Ordered Chaos / With Ilya Gefter

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