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We are honored to host Marik Lechner as a new Guest Teacher at the Visual Art Center.
You are cordially invited to join Marik's unique painting workshop starting 05/01.2022.

Artist Statement:

We start painting with the feeling that we have something to say and to give: feeling, experience. idea, pain, beauty. These are the materials we will work with. Painting is a dance of devils uniting the imagination, the heart, the eye and the hand. The resulting work is a living body and spirit.
We will learn to observe the reality outside and within us, to build and deconstruct to invite the impossible. We will unite content and form, humor and seriousness.

Workshop Themes:

Painting from observation
Painting from within
Discovering a personal vision
Developing the world of personal imagery

Workshop Dates:

Wednesdays 10.00 - 14.00 // 7 meetings 05.01, 12.01, 19.01, 26.01, 02.