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Time: May 30, May 31, June 1 // 9.00 - 16.00
Location: Tel Aviv. Exact location to be announced

Instruction: Guest Artsit, Stuart Shils (Philadelphia, USA)


A three day out of doors immersion focusing on perceptual discrimination and visual clarity. Emphasis will be on developing the visual musculature to make immediate, but astute summations of visual form within the urban landscape. The workshop will examine the relationship between what is perceived and our response to that graphically. 

When out of doors we work with a heightened sense of urgency and this class will explore the abstract tools necessary for that conversation. Ideas about finish, pretty pictures, whether or not one paints in Italy – none of this will be our concern. 

When we stand in front of any moment, our first line of obligation is not to impose our preconceptions, desires or expectations on it, but to ask, ‘How is this moment different from all other moments?’ And that is where we will begin.

Oil on paper will be our medium and there will be an emphasis on drawing (but not in charcoal) as the thought engine behind paying attention.


1500 ₪ 
500 ₪ discount for taking 2 workshops with Stuart

100 ₪ discount for full-time Visual Art Center students

Call us to claim your discount: 053-7252342

No discount combinations


Participation may be cancelled at least 3 weeks before the beginning of a workshop.

Upon cancellation 3 weeks in advance, all funds are reimbursed (subject to a 5% administrative fee.)

No reimbursements for cancellations made later than 3 weeks before workshop date.

REFRAMING THE ORDINARY: Landscape Workshop with Stuart Shils

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