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Self Portrait Drawing
Instruction: Ilya Gefter

Language: Hebrew


4 video - lessons.  4 hours of instruction.


This workshop teaches the strategies and techniques of drawing a self portrait with line and tone. You will learn how to attain convincing likeness, how to express three-dimensionality and sense of light in a self portrait.  The workshop discusses basic methods of expressing an individual character and emotional content. 


The workshop videos include:



Drawing demonstrations

Methodical explanations of the techniques and procedures of self portrait drawing.


Themes covered in the workshop:


Setting up for self-portrait drawing

Methods of working from a mirror

Morphological structure of the human head

Definition of posture, gesture, and form

Definition of tonal shapes, light and shadow

Strategies for drawing the main positions of the head: frontal and  three-quarter views

Methods of attaining likeness, correct proportions and three-dimensionality 

Expression of light in a portrait 

Foundations of self-expression

Drawing  of smaller shapes and facial details

Self Portrait Drawing Workshop / with Ilya Gefter

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