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Workshop Dates:

Wednesdays // September 9, 16, 23 // 16.00-19.30 // 3 sessions


The workshop will be devoted to drawing and painting of the urban landscape using diverse materials and techniques.
Encounter with a new material can be one of the most important events in the development of an artist. Artist's material can be soft, sharp, watery, oily or dry.... Special moments of creativity occur through the connection between the inner world of a painter and the material. Using combinations of diverse materials we will interpret the urban landscape through the use of line, rhythm, shape and color.

Workshop Will Include:

Painting Practice
Individual Instruction
Painting Demonstrations
Group Critique


Pencils, Pastel/Panda, Charcoal, watercolor, ink.
Full materials list will be sent upon registration.


825 ILS


Tel Aviv
Exact locations will be announced soon!

The City: Mixed Media Landscape Workshop with Elizabeta Zaidner

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