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Time: May 30, May 31, June 1 // 9.00 - 16.00

Place: Visual Art Center: Ben Zvi 84. Floor 3. Studio 304. Tel Aviv

Instruction: Guest Artsit, Stuart Shils (Philadelphia, USA)


A fast paced three day, hands on studio seminar with a model. The workshop will examine how we pay attention: the relationship between what we see ‘out there’ and how we make sense of it in drawing and painting. Emphasis will be placed on recognizing the shape and particularity of the perceptual moment, not as an academic cliché or as a predetermined assumption of good manners, but rather as an improvisational form deeply rooted in the hierarchical subjectivity of the observational moment.
The focus will be on the constitution and materiality of painting rather than anatomy, schtick, or any ideas of what good manners might be. This class is oriented toward painters with an already honed skill set, but who are searching for a less dogmatic path of visual thinking. Drawing will be explored as the primary thought engine behind visual presence and we will work in acrylic on paper with no regard for any preconceptions about finish, the marketplace or respectability.


1500 ₪ 

500 ₪ discount for taking 2 workshops with Stuart
100 ₪ discount for full-time Visual Art Center students


1500 ₪
500 ₪ discount for taking 2 workshops with Stuart

100 ₪ discount for full-time Visual Art Center students

Call us to claim your discount: 053-7252342

No discount combinations


Participation may be cancelled at least 3 weeks before the beginning of a workshop.

Upon cancellation 3 weeks in advance, all funds are reimbursed (subject to a 5% administrative fee.)

No reimbursements for cancellations made later than 3 weeks before workshop date.

THE INTERIORITY OF OBSERVATION: Studio Workshop with Stuart Shils

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